Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Patriot's Dreams...

Beautiful Patriots,

I awaken every morning exhausted after restless nights. I worry that there must be MORE I can do to make a difference... more than I've realized or employed... because public speaking is not enough. Motivating is not enough. The regrets of what could have been accomplished… they serve only as a heavy burden, and that is not enough. But we beat those that endeavor to destroy our republic every night. Every night, we defeat them at their own game. Every night, we’re faster; we’re smarter! Every night we’re wiser. Every night it becomes easier to anticipate & counter their moves. Every night we charge them with treason, and every night we gorge ourselves with an almost sinful excess from the cornucopia of victory! Then I awaken, Patriots… every morning. And every morning I feel infinitesimally tiny & insignificant… frightened & naked… cold & wet… vulnerable & quivering with mortality & anger as I hold the line, gazing up in fearful awe at this behemoth that mows down with dark discrimination our liberty & country. And suddenly it matters not that only moments before I was blessed by an audience of the Founding Fathers & God himself. It’s lost that I was honored with their words of encouragement, their promise of protection and their gifts of triumphant tactics. I know at that difficult moment of cold consciousness only that no ground may be lost. Only through a grand awakening will our recruiting efforts bring to fruition burgeoning ranks of patriot defenders. And so I set forth… every morning… to educate & motivate. I dedicate myself to bringing to our youth the virtues of family & conservatism, and I make this journey with tunnel-vision focus on the struggle at hand. Finally, slumber finds me spent & exhausted… every night… and I’m again visited by those gentle giants that lay their guiding hands warmly upon my shoulders & reveal to me the compass of direction for the salvation of our republic.

Every day our Republic is rewarded by the fruits of our efforts... thousands of organizing patriots and growing... every single day... by sometime only 1, but that's one more voice added to the collective that's AWAKE and ENGAGED in this fight to save our country and all that she stands for. That's one more that's ALIVE and not going to have their vitality diminished by growing gov't control. That's ONE MORE that will awaken another 1... or 10... or 100... or 1000 to the dangers of what's being pushed by the cancer we call progressivism. That's ONE MORE that I add every night to my prayers, and that's ONE MORE that I express my love & GRATITUDE for & to daily.

Those that are awakening aren't the "summer statesmen" that speak well & accomplish nothing. They aren't those that are engaged when it's convenient. These aren't those that invoke the spirit of hope in order to hide the change thumping on our foreheads. These newly awakened are those that are truly frightened & looking for direction now, for their paradigm has been shattered. This, my Patriots, is a resource which MUST be tapped & employed! We must Must MUST take them in & teach them the LIBERTY of "free thought," and we must encourage them to, once contemplating ALL the facts, come to their own conclusions. Foster this behavior... reverse the progressive programming they've endured... and watch with parental pride as they grow to embrace the virtues of our Republic. This is the LEAST of your duties as independent citizens, and nothing you do will mean a thing should these opportunities be overlooked. They will come back with a vengeance once re-indoctrinated if we don't assist them in their own awakenings. And when they do, they will hurt the Republic in ways that may bring her to her blessed knees.

The choice is truly yours, Darlings. So what have YOU done today? This is a question you must all ask yourself with solemn honesty, for the results of this question unanswered may prove grave, and hell will gaze upon you every morning... from your mirror... as you contemplate what you might have done differently... and cry. But you'll not know this hell, for you are a true patriot every bit committed to solutions & action as you are to freedom & liberty, and I cheer for you!

Thank you;
I love you;
Good Night, Dear Ones