Thursday, November 25, 2010

Defending the Honor of Those Who Silently Defend You

   There have been many an example given in the last couple weeks alone of relative attrocities committed by our TSA (Transportation Security Administration). These actors aren't the clean-cut do-gooders one might expect to be working a job of such critical perceived importance. No. Rather, looking upon them & listening to them speak, one might wonder what gutter they were dredged up from. Better on the Government payroll than the welfare roll, right? More to the point, these people now follow a mandate to either view you naked in astonishing detail or, in place of that, lay their hands upon your very private places in very public view.

   Now the Dept of Homeland Security, shoulder to shoulder with the White House, has issued a statement decrying the "overblown outrage." They point out that "fewer than one half of one percent of the 34 million passengers who traveled on airplanes in or to the U.S. last week were subjected to crotch-area pat-downs." Most of you are at least adept at basic arithmetic. So take a moment & do the math. Better yet, Jim Geraughty, columnist at the National Review Online, has already done it for you with astonishing clarity:

"one half of one percent of 34 million air travelers still adds up to between 170,000 and 340,000 TSA hands wandering around 170,000 crotches last week. (Depends on whether they used one hand or two.) If just one half of one percent of those searches involve some sort of inappropriate touching or other unprofessional behavior, that still means that 850 Americans got their privates groped or manhandled by government employees. Last week. This week will include more, because it’s a heavier travel week."
   Maybe this is all meant to degrade & humiliate the population, preparing them for the police state we all see forming right here in our beloved America. Maybe it's designed to discourage air travel, thus putting the airlines in dire straights. Follow that line of thought for a moment & you get what? Air Amerika. Regardless, there's some contributing factors that do more than add insult to injury.

   Transportation Security Administration chief John Pistole says that, despite the overwhelming success of the Isaeli passenger screening system, he’ll not implement or otherwise duplicate their methods. He cites his justification as “We do not profile.”

   However, Janet Napolitano is considering the demands of Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) to respect their belief that the head & neck of a Muslim woman isn’t to be touched. Thus, Napolitano is considering an innovative, effective, venerable & hyper-efficient method: the self-pat-down. Now one must ask a question beyond the obvious hilarity of that statement.

   If CAIR is making demands of our federal government over such trivialities, how will they react when a Muslim woman gets a full pat-down in front of everybody? This would, of course, include the somewhat awkward raising of the hijab, that being loose-fitting, completely concealing clothing. If her Muslim jewel were to be grazed by the "unclean" hand of a TSA infidelimperialist, agent, do you imagine the Islamic community as a whole saying “Oh well. Allah Akbar, my brother.” during the collective shoulder-shrug?  Please. Don’t answer.

   So already you can see where this is going. Enter reality. Welcome! Something the far-left demonstrates a visceral hatred of is anything and everything Catholic. In fact, how many instances of Catholic sensibility have been heard coming from this administration and, in particular, the new, “friendlier” TSA?

   Since this is all a matter of policy, the question must then be extended. Will the administration and the TSA protect the sanctity of our Catholic nuns? These are blessed, pious, chaste women leading a life of charity, service to community & God. To run them through a full body scanner and lay them out in "living resolution” on the technician’s monitor like a $2 window-whore would be, at best, beyond the limits of understandable or forgivable policy. To subject them to the enhanced pat-down procedures? That would rate with the physical manifestation of all things blasphemous at best.

   They are, after all, brides of Christ. There is no room for creative interpretation here. That clearly supercedes the considerations for, and concerns of, brides & daughters of men… even those of Muslim men.

   But a more pointed question, and the thesis of this article, is this: Why isn’t the conversation being held in regards to the sanctity of our Catholic nuns? There is a genuine outrage, though it be a suppressed & personal grumble for many, over the treatment of the general population with the newer TSA policies. But where’s the outrage over the unimaginable treatment the nuns would (and now HAVE, BTW) receive at the TSA’s hands? Thus far, reports of that conversation read exactly as follows: *crickets chirping*

   So it’s time to not only start the conversation, but also to ask a simple question as 300 million of God’s American children. There is a way for this to happen very quickly & efficiently.

   Many, if not most, reading this are familiar with Twitter and have an account established there. (It’s convenient and easy to set one up if you don’t). It is at you, tweeters, that I direct this simple question-asking method. The Transportation Security Administration now has a twitter-presence as well. To that end, I suggest a simple, viral method of inquiry. Please tweet the following, then follow the instructions. There is a grammatical error; it’s necessary due to the character limit twitter allows for each message.

Defend the honor of those silently defending YOU! Plz copy following tweet & send it as ur own–> #tcot #catholic

   Clicking on the link embedded within that message will display on your browser the question-tweet to the TSA that reads as follows:

@TSABlogTeam Napolitano considers exemptions for the toque & hijab-clad faithful. What courtesies will you be extending 2 our Catholic nuns?

   Tweet that out as well. What’s happened is that when you send out the first tweet, it instructs the reader to open the second tweet, copy the contents of that tweet, and send it as their own. In this way, the TSA twitter account gets bombarded with a steady stream of the question from many users, the list of which would grow daily and, hopefully, exponentially. Do this as often as feels good to you. Just remember: you only have 140 characters, and twitter won’t allow you to send the exact same tweet out more than once or twice per day (assuming enough time in between).

   A change of a word or spelling, changing the #tcot hashtag to the #gop hashtag, changing a capital letter to a lower-case letter… all methods of changing the tweet such that twitter will send it out for you. Any red-blooded twitter-user that understands the necessity for that conversation will retweet the original message from their own account as well. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

   In closing, it must be acknowledged that there’s a great darkness befalling America. These screenings are but a microcosm of the evil that couches itself in the seed of immorality. These immoralities, justified by authority and entertainment alike, will test us daily. We must stand, look squarely into the eyes of our assailant and do what we know is right.

Thank you, and GOD BLESS YOU!

*Special thanks to Sister Lisa who's simple question sparked this entier campaign. Bless you, Sister!


  1. i don't think i'm going to fly anywhere anytime soon. not big on being oggled naked or groped. this is just nuts!!

  2. i LOOOOOOVE your idea of bombarding TSA with the tweets! awesome!