Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An Evening Rant of Encouragement

My beloved Patriots, our politicians have all pimped us out as part of a greater agenda. Our economy is now the world's wretched whore, and she's being RAPED by destructive spending. Our once mighty industrial back has been broken by traitorous trade agreements, and we fight now for just the dignity of owning our own choices.

They've dumbed down a generation by rewriting our history as taught in public school. They've made acceptable the proliferation of everything socially abhorrent, and we've allowed them to. Now the elite gaze down their hooked beaks at this new proletariat & tell us we're not bright enough to understand the issues we fight for... that they haven't explained them well enough, or maybe they need to simplify things.

And to them I say only this: you have not yet seen the fight we so patiently restrain. You will fall prey to the American "can-do" spirit of indominable achievement. You will be bound tightly by the chains of your own insidious ambitions, for we are Americans, and WE... ARE... FREE!!!!

Do not settle for "jobs bill" stimulus packages that create only positions of serfdom or dependence. As AMERICANS we lead the world in entrepreneurial innovation. Unleash the full force of our creativity, and you will witness immediately the harbingers of prosperity circle above on great wings of unfettered flight!

There are a couple things we must endeavor immediately. Send the children outside to play. They'll raise themselves amongst peers with the guidance of your lessons & encouragement of your confidence. They are our future, and liberty is only one generation away from loss at any given time. Replace the electric-window nanny with your participation. You must run with your children, and you must turn off the propaganda box! We've invited the agents of family destruction in to the sanctuary of the home, and we must now show them the door!

To summarize, we will only reclaim our beloved republic by reigning in treasonous politicians and by taking back our youth, and we must ALWAYS teach our children to be responsible for themselves. So go forth and ring the bell in that shining city on the hill. Mobilize the people, Defenders... open their eyes & free them with TRUTH!

Beautiful Patriots, the warmth of slumber beckons, and the siren's song of sleep paints a perfect Picasso of my logic. That said, you have my love, my gratitude, my prayers and my respect. You stand together & hold high with pride the grand torch of liberty. You shine that guiding light out to all our fighting brethren, because the tempestuous onslaught of a determined juggernaut continues. But it's outclassed by our raw determination, grit, earthiness & love of country, and we will prevail. There are no other possibilities! So you sleep well my dear ones, for our spirit is eternal & our fight is righteous.

Good night, and God bless you one & all.