Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is it Time to Just... Let It Burn?


   Where normally I fancy myself a patriot that focuses on the positive, the best path forward & the return to values & opportunities our faith & this great nation were founded upon, I've found myself quiet of late, trying to comprehend exactly what it is that's transpired during the course of this last election cycle. And as I look back, I find it difficult to energize myself with the so-called "forward momentum" of the conservative reclamation movement. I'm at the point where, I must confess, it's time to let it all burn, the cleansing fires purifying who & what remains. Here's what I witness, if you'll humor me the moment...

   The Nativity & the Crucifix are the new swastikas & no longer welcome or even tolerated in the public eye. It's no longer a matter of what religions aren't being “represented” in the public square... it's a matter of atheism being “Nouveau Posh”... shiny & attractive... and beyond the limits of “intolerant.”

   We've become a nation of people that would rather kill our babies than to verse ourselves & take responsibility for our own actions. “Don't vote for that Republican guy... he'll regulate your womanhood!” God forbid an "empowered woman" actually think for herself or have SOME thought & conscience as to who she explores intimacy with & WHY she does so.

   There's petitions on the White House website to have "In God We Trust" removed from our national currency and to have "under God" removed from the Pledge of Allegence. What happened in the world that  God is suddenly SO offensive to so many? Could it be "they" simply loath the idea of 10 basic rules to guide their behavior? Is this REALLY representative of the America founded by the blood of patriots?

   The gay population's become militant and, though they already have “full rights” under the law, won't rest until they can march into a Roman Catholic church, offend every sensibility of God-fearing people & the Natural Order... demanding to be married by the priest in the presence of the Eucharist. And oh... by the way... don't bother disagreeing with their agenda; they want the “intolerants” prosecuted under “hate crime” legislation. And the masses fall silent.

   TEA-partiers rise with a single voice, each a heart-felt member of the collective. When something's said that resonates with those around them, they hoot, holler, beat their chests & wave their flags. But when all's said & done, they furl those flags & toss 'em casually into their car-trunks with 10 years worth of empty drink cans & trash, never again to be seen until the next feel-good rally. Meanwhile, they sit there, a beer in one hand, a remote in the other, yelling at the television & thinking their anger satisfies their patriotic duty to counter what's happening in the real world. How kind of them; how quaint. Meanwhile, the people vote the "government trough" rather than stand on capable legs with the intelligence & opportunity our Father has provided them with, both.

   Where the schools once taught HOW to think & gave the issues of the day to debate, our children are now taught WHAT to think, and NOBODY's taking the time or effort to sit down with their children... our next generation... and counter what's being spoon-fed to them by the teacher's unions the government & its agenda so adores & reinforces. The global warming lie? The plight of the poor? Our own American history being reflected ACCURATELY? Don't bother... it's too late to come to me with such trivial pursuits; your time of empowerment has come & gone. Welcome to the aforementioned “collective;" make yourself at home.

   The Freedom From Religion Foundation's run roughshod over the nation with lawsuits, and the cities/towns fall one by one to the will of the loud minority... the bully-pulpit the left NORMALLY screams so loudly against... guess it doesn’t apply where their own interests are concerned. God forbid a city now put up their own rendition of the Nativity... that's now deemed offensive and OFF LIMITS! It's OK... welcome to reality. BTW... they cry foul concerning the "Ground Zero Cross" (LOOK IT UP if you don't know), but nuthin' but crickets when it comes to YOUR tax dollars funding the building of a MOSQUE at the same site. Oh... now you cry foul? TOO LATE! Your prior complacency speaks volumes.

   Finally, I turn on television after midnight, and find 10 movie channels switching to porn... only 3 channels of something meaningful & productive. Yeah... THIS is entertainment. Thanks, folks, for imposing YOUR lascivious lack of morality on my television programming. No room for a PPV agenda here... right?

   Though I've more examples of discourse & disdain than I've included here, I question one thing: why continue? It's time to just let it burn. The weakest & most (un/mis)educated of the “new proletariat" have seen to it the smooth-talking beast remains in office; the personality of “cool” is SO much more important than the knowledge & love of our beloved republic's history & the Christian God we founded her before, after all. Right? I said RIGHT?!?

   The fact is, we either change our ways as a people and a nation, or it's time to let this republic burn to the ground. The people will then say “What just happened?” ANSWER--> You did, my friends... you & your lack of tolerance/common-sense did. Welcome to the power of your vote. The TEA-partiers that don't ACT, those that vote with a single issue at the heart of their ballot, and those that allow themselves to be indoctrinated by NOT studying our history... I BLAME YOU. How many phone calls did YOU place? What products did YOU forgo? When given the choice of bad vs worse, did YOU speak out in any way meaningful to the republic... or did you just, as usual, yell at your television? I have NO sympathy for those that haven't put their blood on the line for the salvation of our republic's (and the world's) last hope. SHAME ON YOU... shame on you.

   God Bless you & yours, one & all... and may God forgive you your ignorance & sloth; I do. Nonetheless, it may well be time to let it burn... to the ground. May faith & the phoenix of our founding father's intentions rise from the ashes and take over this last bastion of freedom in a world of political & religious tyranny.

   Love & Prayers,