Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Immigration Riddle Solved...

The following represents logic, common-sense, and an application of these to a difficult situation. That said, if you note a point of disagreement, consider the bigger picture (and the contentious proposal's surrounding paragraphs) before emailing me. Thank you, and God Bless you & yours, one & all.

After finding myself ill watching the president & congress perform their well-rehearsed circus-bear dance for the media, two inarguable facts immediately rose to the surface:

A) The only political motivations are to attract & reinforce a particular voting base (Polls show this is the politically-expedient issue to discuss, Ma'am/Sir).
B) Neither side much cares what ultimately becomes of the affected people political pawns, so long as they vote [fill in the party].

That considered, 3 minutes alone with my thoughts in a dark, quiet room produced a simple, 5-point, common-sense solution to the entire "illegal immigration" conundrum.

   1) Secure the border
   2) Secure the border
   3) Secure the border
   4) Sour the milk
   5) Secure the border

Speaking to the first three points, history dictates there's NO measure of law or regulation that will make ANY difference until the border's secure. On this, there is no debate; period. Get it? Got it? GOOD! Moving along...

Both sides insist they seek solutions that speak to accountability. I'd suggest asking undocumented illegal immigrants workers aliens the following: "Why do you break our laws to come/stay here?" If it's for love of America, fine... let them give back in meaningful ways. If for any other reason, send 'em home. If they value America enough to risk life & limb to get/stay here, compulsory service is the answer... military service if they're of enlistment age, a minimum 5 years of community service if they aren't. Meanwhile, they'd still be responsible for simultaneously completing already-established requirements to earn the status of "citizen." These souls are no strangers to hardship or hard work, either one, so if that solution leaves a sour taste in their mouths, they're formally invited to leave.

Where their American-born anchor children are concerned, the families either meet the aforementioned terms, or their AMERICAN children go up for adoption to AMERICAN families immediately. Period. The liberal woman's proclivity to rip little Johnny & baby Jane limb from limb and tear them unceremoniously from her womb has, after all, created a notable shortage of adoptable children; families approved to adopt currently wait years to receive. Continuing... if the children are old enough to think for themselves, give them the choice... stay on American soil with an American family, or would they prefer go with their parents? I'm guessing blood's thicker than (Rio-Grande) water.

In the end, if illegal immigration's about the children, problem solved; on your way, please. If it's about an opportunity to better oneself or one's lifestyle, all "emotional arguments" are reduced to personal responsibility. Either way, this addresses the population living/working here illegally, and it serves to discourage those contemplating an illegal border crossing.

See... SIMPLE. Yet politicians run options & messaging through poll-testing & focus groups, congress flounders, and the president promises executive action to save them from both themselves and evil republicans that would send the almost Americans social contributors criminals home. Enough... call your elected officials, demand they cut the bullshit, and "encourage them" to act on this plan.