Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tidal Wave: Obama, Bill Clinton Coat-Tailing Newt Gingrich

By PS Read
_Washington DC_

Recently, Bill Clinton (“where are we Democrats now?” (here) -- Lost, is where!) took another shot at the tea party saying that he "didn’t understand how someone could stay so angry for so long and not need therapy."

Perhaps Bill doesn’t look to his left at night when he goes to bed.

Or maybe he forgot that Anti-War protesters have been at it since the 1960s, which is a little longer than two years, like the Tea Party. They don't need therapy though, its too late, Anti-War Protesters can only be helped by straight jackets.

Clinton ought to remember the drug induced (without inhaling?) Anti-War Protesters, after all, he was one of them. Could the reason that Bill forgot this fact so soon be result of his drug use? Of course, he wasn’t exactly in the US while writing about his disdain for the military. No. Clinton documented his disdain for our military from England—and did it while his countrymen were busy driving the Communist out of South Vietnam. It was a war escalated by one who Bill Clinton loves to coat-tail on as well, the great John F. Kennedy.



  1. Am afraid the title and blog-piece are a bit obscure. Please, develop the essay and theme.

    Is it a piece of disdain for those that attempt to stay out of active military duty, or have used marijuana at a young age, or is there an intent to demonstrate hypocrisy?

    Although I grew up in the 60s, 70s and marijuana was widely available, enough so that there were some places on my high school campus where one could simply inhale--this was a time when tobacco smoking was still largely unregulated, the US government was rewarding members of the military with free smoking materials, and the US Surgeon general was debating whether to place warning labels on cigarette packages stating health risks; I could truthfully swear I never ingested anything smoked except fish, salmon with yellow cedar chips.

    Considering our presidents, I feel both the Office and our country were desecrated to some extent under President Clinton's leadership, although the government ran along as it tends to do despite the person in the front office. On the other hand, I feel other presidents, such as Jimmy Carter, George Washington, Chester Alan Arthur, and Barack Obama have brought a sense of dignity, honor and duty to the higher resolve of our nation. I look forward to another term with President Obama at the helm.