Thursday, February 4, 2010

We must study our history

Though commonplace to subscribe to the "no matter where you're at, there you are" perspective, you must know where you have been to chart where you are going. To that end, we must study our constitution. We must understand and appreciate what it means to live in and contribute to a functioning republic. When we leave it in the hands of others to define our constitution and govern in accordance, we then deserve any and every distortion and misinterpretation. By extension, we become unworthy of this grand republic. We're no longer responsible stewards of the privileges and rights outlined in the world's greatest political document.

I would strongly suggest anyone with the least bit of concern for our nation & the continuation of our system read & study The Federalist Papers.

Per, "the Federalist Papers consist of 85 essays outlining how this new government would operate and why this type of government was the best choice for the United States of America." From whom, or from what more qualified source, would we endeavor to learn the true intentions of the founding fathers? From their pens to your brains.


  1. Now there's a challenge, The Federalist Papers, got to put that on my to read list. Our history, the good and the not so good needs to be taught and learned, not PC crap that is being pushed in our schools and on our own society. Caught you on Twitter, great site.

  2. I think this next year, Im going to start teaching my kids the constitution, and federalist papers for history. Never to young to start, right!

  3. Sean, as we have discussed before, history particulary U.S. is the key to the problem. Your insights need to be taken seriously if we are to deal with a serious problem.

    Nice job-to the point. Proud of you, keep writing!
    We need you...