Thursday, February 4, 2010

Which are you?

If we're to take back this great republic, reset our understanding of our nation to that of our founders and maintain a state of integrity in our elected officials, we must be ever vigilant and EDUCATED!

There are 6 commonly accepted interpretive style definitions for reading and understanding our Constitution. Which are you? To answer the question, you'll have to do some research. Don't worry... it's not too painful. And it's only AMERICA AT STAKE!!!

  1. Contextualist
  2. Facial contextualism
  3. Historical contextualism
  4. Doctrinalist
  5. Developmentalist
  6. Structuralist
  7. Originalist
  8. Textualist/strict-Constructionist

Furthermore, something we must always be weary & watchful of are "activist" judges and judicial activism in general. There's another 6 dimensions available to describe the different activist frameworks. Do any of these resonate with you? Have you witnessed anything similar?

  1. Majoritarianism
  2. Interpretive Stability
  3. Interpretive Fidelity
  4. Substance/Democratic process
  5. Specificity of Policy
  6. Availability of an Alternate Policymaker

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  1. Im going to do my home work and I'll let you know what I am.